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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Those close to this super duper rich magnate, philanthropist, mega bucks dude by name Captain Hosa are already getting prepared for this "grandmother of all weddings" set for the Edo State capital Benin City, the ancient city of tradition and culture.

We hear that it's planned to be a super exclusive one, that shouldn't have more than a hundred plus at the wedding, some have even speculated that at most between 120 to 150 first class guests at the maximum, that would be expected from near and far. Expect a few Governors, top government officials, a few Nollywood power houses, top business people like the host himself, a good mixture of those that "carry weight".

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Who actually is the lucky one getting married? It's none other than one of the daughters of the super rich, retired commercial Pilot and businessman, Captain Hosa, who is well known for not leaving any stone unturned, when it comes to hosting first class parties or events, where the biggest players in business and celebrities and entertainers rub shoulders together.

If the feelers we have gotten is anything to reliably go by, we hear that a colossal budget running into hundreds of million Naira which is close to $500,000 plus dollars is what might have been earmarked to host this wedding party of all parties, which might be the biggest wedding this season bar none, except probably Adesua & Banky W probable November 2017 date, which we know can only be compared in terms of number of guests, but not in terms of expenses etc. The budget from what we know about Captain Hosa is actually chicken feed for the awesomely liquid chap.

Those who have felt the might of the great Captain, and who know his worth, are said to be preparing to storm the upcoming nuptial set the next few days, most likely 2 weeks time with much aplomb. So those lucky to have gotten the invites, have been dusting their wardrobes to make sure they would be well represented on the style stake.

Captain Hosa Okunbor, 59 (Born January 1958)  for those who might not know him, is the extremely rich former commercial Pilot, philanthropist, business magnate, who became a certified commercial Pilot by the age of 21 and a flight captain at 25. He flew for Intercontinental Airlines for sometime (2years), then the now defunct Okada Airlines for 3 years before retiring at relatively young age 30 after accumulating over 7000 flight hours, and then going straight into business. Where he has made a great mark.

The beaded and certified, son of the soil who was recognized by the late former Oba of Benin Omo 'N Oba Erediauwa, owns very many thriving business concerns, one of which is a $750 million dollars, 9000 hectares farm that was unveiled in 2016, which would employ an extraordinary number of people. That colossal farm, is just one out of his many businesses. He also has very strong interest in the oil and gas sector and security and communications and hand in many other pies. He single handedly sponsored a top movie directed by Jeta Amata called "Black November", which focused on the Niger Delta struggles and had a mixture of Hollywood and Nollywood heavyweights as cast.

So all roads leads gorgeously and gallantly to the ancient/modern Benin, in Edo state in the next few days as it would play host to the creme de la creme of the society.

We are planning to bring to you the whole first class drama, the splashes of beautiful colours, the razzmatazz and oomph of the whole matter as it would sumptuously unfold.

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Anonymous said...

So, no name of bride and groom. Just about the father.

Anonymous said...

Bride and groom nko???