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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This year's edition of the very popular reality show was tagged ''Amplified'' which in other word means louder, and looking at it truly it has been loud in all ramifications, this is the highest number of contestants in the history of the show about 30 plus in all. But that's not the latest news, whats news is that there would be 2 WINNERS, yes 2!!!, each house-Heads & Tails would provide a winner each and both eventual winners, would share $400,000 dollars, If that is not loud enough!!!!!, then nothing else is.

Some have said though, that this particular BBA has been a bit boring, especially after the house was divided into 2, one thing also very obvious is that a lot of Nigerians are of the opinion that one of the Nigerian representatives in the house-Karen seems to have a big chance at claiming the ultimate prize-$200,000 which would make it 3 Nigerians at a go, If that happens that would be creating some kind of record, our other representative-Vina as survived many times by the skin of her neck, been nominated many times, Luclay the Loud, the only remaining dude from SA seems to be the main hunk in the house now, always loving to show off is body every time and not shy in any about venting is anger, Alex the only other Ghanaian still remaining in the house seems to have a beef with Big BRO as he is always complaining.
In all its been a bit of an anti-climax, one just hopes that the organisers would add some more fun to the remaining part of the show.

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