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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What originally started in 2009 as an initiative to document the history
of Lace – especially Austrian Lace in Nigeria, by the Museum of Ethnology
in Vienna, has since developed into a cooperation project merging culture,
trade and fashion. The Austrian Embroidery Association in collaboration
with the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy, recently celebrated
history, culture, fashion and trade relationship between Austria and
Nigeria for the last 50 years in Nigeria.

In a documentary produced and directed by Bola Balogun for Glam Networks,
the Austrian Embroidery Association with the Commercial Section of the
Austrian Embassy, take us on a journey that spans the last (5) five
decades - building, strengthening, promoting and celebrating Nigeria
through what we have come to know and love as ‘African Lace’. The
documentary tells a brief story of the Austrian - Nigerian lace trade from
inception - the manufacturers' first foray into Nigeria in search of new
business opportunities, to the close ties that have been formed with some
of these 'lace ladies' who have passed the trade on to their next
generation. It tells us how Austrian /Nigerian relationship has grown
beyond trade into culture with the 'aso - ebi' phenomenon and gradually,
into fashion through the recent collaboration between the Austrian
Embroidery Association and four Nigerian designers - Tiffany Amber, Ituen
Basi, Frank Osodi and Godwin Mekwuye.

This documentary shows the dedication and commitment of the Austrian
Embroidery Association to a market they have come to know and love; and
have become so passionate about that they have decided to contribute to
the growth and development of the Nigerian fashion industry through non
stop collaborations with fashion designers in the Industry.
SHF video credit -  Glam Networks

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