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Saturday, June 4, 2011


The shock of the 4-1 ''MESSILESS'' drubbing of the Almighty Argentine team less Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez has not subsided, apparently the South American team must have thought themselves so superior, they could come in with a 9th string team and still win, but they were taught an unbelievable but very bitter lesson by the misfiring National team-The Super Eagles who should have won the match, at least by about 7 un-replied goals. But since we did our best to make the margin a lot presentable, the match is now been investigated for match fixing!!!. Shocked!!!, but that's the truth, the reason for the suspicion were the 2 penalties given during the match, one against Argentina & the other one was against them, and was never ever a penalty.

So now that FIFA the governing body has thought to investigate we are all eagerly waiting for the report of the findings, FIFA is claiming they are doing everything possible to rid the sport of corruption, and we at MM says- WE BELIEVE THEM, if any other team likes, they should bring their 14th string team, we will also use them for practise and send them home very sad. Now to the main task ahead, we need to trounce ETHIOPIA by helping to spell the name. Chikena!!!!!!

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