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Friday, June 10, 2011


THE BOLD  & BEAUTIFUL YOUTH LITERARY FORUM/ WORKSHOP 2011                                                                                                                                                              
The Bold & Beautiful Youth Foundation presents The Bold and Beautiful (TBAB) Youth Literary Forum / Workshop, which will take place on 12th - 16th July 2011 at NICON Luxury Hotel and Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria. TBAB will present four days of a seminal Literary Forum, interactive workshops and a literary gala night.

TBAB Youth Literary Forum / Workshop aims to provide a platform for the creatively talented between the ages of 17-35 to come in close contact with established and internationally celebrated writers. They will be tutored and mentored with the aim of having their budding writing skills honed and polished.  

The event is certain to offer leverage to anyone with dreams of excelling as a historical documentary writer, narrative writer, poetry writer, scriptwriter, play writer and journalistic writer.

The event is scheduled as follows:

J12th July - Free Literary Forum: Q&A Seminar panelled by established writers and public speakers. Amongst the speakers will be Abuja Literary Society President and author of "Spirit Walk" -Ken .

13th & 14th July - Literary and Writing Workshops: Interactive Sessions lead by established writers, where students can engage, learn and produce their own work, with a chance to win life changing and career enhancing prizes.

16th July - Literary Gala Night: As the crescendo of the 4-day event, the gala night will bring together a broad section of writers - known and unknown alike, publishers, students of literature and writing, literary societies, relevant government agents, endorsers and supporters of our course. A literary night indeed, as writers of note will grace the occasion and share excerpts from their works. Drama sketches and music performances will also add to the occasion.

TBAB is proud and honoured to have a creative team of both Nigerian and international authors who will be leading the literary workshops. The team will consist of;

Historical Documentary workshop –M.K. Asante, an award-winning author, filmmaker. The author of three celebrated books, Asante is the recipient of the Langston Hughes Award. His latest book, It's Bigger Than Hip Hop, was hailed by the Los Angeles Times as "An empowering book that moves you to action and to question status quo America." An acclaimed filmmaker, Asante directed The Black Candle, a film he co-wrote with renowned poet Maya Angelou who also narrates the prize-winning film.

Poetry workshop - Dike Chukwumerije author “The Revolution Has No Tribe”

Narrative workshop - Chika Unigwe author “On Black Sisters’ Street”

Narrative workshop - Jude Dibia author “Blackbird”

Play writing workshop - Tyrone Terrence producer “Living Large” & “Private Lies”

Script writing workshop - Ishaya Bako producer “Braids on a Bald Head”

Journalistic writing workshop – Peter Moutray and Nicola Phipps of the prestigious Pourtsmouth Higbury College, UK.

While it is true that Nigerians represent the largest percentage of celebrated African writers, most of these writers were either partly or fully raised outside the country and were, subsequently, published abroad as well. While we recognize the challenges faced by our local publishers, it is our ardent belief that, through networking the right elements, a movement can be generated which could, with sustained effort, lead to the re-construction of our reading culture. Through our event, we intend to create a platform for networking these various elements.

Uloma Enodien, the Founder expresses; “My vision for TBAB was born out of my natural desire to see young people achieve greatness and bring change to their environment through realising their GOD given talents as a means to achieving economic value and productiveness.”

TBAB Literary event hopes to lend strength to existing efforts to get the government to focus on this colossal crisis. Most importantly, however, we intend to use this event to discover writers with noteworthy talent, lanterns in the bushel as it were, and connect them with, what may well be a once in a life-time opportunity to establish a successful writing career for themselves.

For all Media and Press Enquiries:

Imoh Eboh: OR

Chika Ozodiegwu:

Notes to Editor:

Uloma Enodien is an Entrepreneur based in the UK

For further information about TBAB please visit:

To reserve a place on the Literary Forum is free and to book a place on a Literary Workshop a registration fee of N3,500 is required and applications will go through a selection process.

Awards will be awarded to selected individuals from each Writing Section Workshop, so far awards include; Further training in a reputable institution in the UK, Internships with Newspapers and Magazines of note, Mentorship programmes with established writers and possible publishing opportunities.

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