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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Watching the BBA amplified reality show till late last night revealed another side of one of the housemates, if one is the type that only watches at interval or whenever they have the opportunity, then its most likely that one would have missed the softer and that vulnerable side of the normally boisterous Karen Igho, talking to 2 of her other housemates lastnite she spoke of a difficult growing up years-Hear her, that at age 7, an uncle of hers wanted to (have carnal knowledge) of her, that's not the only occurrence, at age 9 a much older family friend of theirs, who she said was about 6 ft 1 wanted to lure her to bed because she had asked him for money, her mom gave birth to her at age 16, she went on to say both her parents were not prepared for her birth, she went on to reveal that she grew up majorly with her grandmother, that it was even her grandma that breastfed her,when she was small as her mom's boobs couldn't produce milk because she was too young 

She also said she was not really very familiar with her dad and by that didn't have much of a father figure around, she grew up with her grandma in the village, her dad passed away when she was 14 years old, her grand-dad was a great man who in his lifetime married 7 wives, and still had younger kids than Karen while still alive. She even spoke about an uncle of hers, whose friend nearly lured into armed robbery, and the friend was later caught and was shot dead at the police detention.  She spoke about how much her mom had to struggle to take care of her and her siblings and how a lot of things as changed now.

It was a real confession of her innermost thoughts, and this might be an attribute that many might have noticed and has endeared her to so many, who are her unrepentant fans or it might just be that she's the only fun element in a very boring house, and no one would want to take out one of the very few reason some might  still be watching the show.

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