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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Its no more news that the ex-speaker of the house Honourable Dimeji Bankole has been arrested and his been interrogated on sundry issues, all bordering on mismanagement of funds-the 2.3 billion Naira car scam,the 9 billion Naira capital budget for the house in 2008/2009 & most recently the 10 billion Naira loan taken by the house, all this allegations were blown open by another Honourable member of the house Hon. Dino Melaye who was one of the 11 suspended members of the house. Before the ex-speaker was arrested he was said to have resisted for many hours, before later succumbing. The EFCC has said they had to arrest the speaker to avoid him fleeing abroad.

But the major revelation of the month has been about how the 10 billion naira in question was shared by the members of the legislative house. The very Honourable former speaker, who at the time he was in power was the 4th highest ranked member of the Government revealed that prior to the taking of the loan, he and his deputy-Alhaji Usman Nafada were receiving a whooping #100m & #80m quarterly allowance, meaning in a year DIMEJI BANKOLE'S allowance was #100,000,000 x 4= #400,000,000Million in just a year and by this in a 4 year term, his total allowance was #1.6billion Naira, and this is been referred to as RUNNING COST.
The deputy speaker Alh. Usman Nafada's allowance was a #80million per quarter in a year, it would be #80m x 4 = #320,000,000million & in 4 years = #1.28billion naira. He revealed that he and his deputy were not a beneficiary of the 10 billion Naira loan, but other leaders of the house and floor members all benefited greatly.

Majority Leader-Mr. Tunde Akogun- Before Increment -46million per quarter, was increased to 60 million per quarter, what this translated to is that in a year = 60m x 4 = 240million by 4 years = 960 million in 4 years.
Deputy Whip-Mr. Baba -Shehu Agaei before increment- #43 million per quarter,was increased to 57 million per quarter, which traslates to 228 million a year & in 4 years = 912 million.
Chief Whip-Mr. Emeka Ihedioha before increment - #41 million per quarter, was increased to 55 million per quarter, which translates to 220million in a year & in 4years = 880 million.
Deputy Whip, who has now been elected the new Speaker of the House- Mr. Aminu Waziri-Tanbuwal,before increment -40.5million per quarter, which translates to 218 million in a year, and in 4 years 872,000,000million.
Former Minority Whip- Femi Gbajabiamila-before increment- 36 million per quarter, was increased to 50 million per quarter,which translate to 200 million a year and in 4 years 800,000,000million.
Other floor members of the house used to collect #28 million per quarter, but was increased to #42 million which translates to 168million a year & in 4 years 672,000,000.

With the amount this people share, no wonder there is always a jostle to be the ones in charge, not only that I hear this whopping amount does not include salaries & other emoluments. And it took this people several years to increase the minimum wage.

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Kemiismyrealname said...

In short, the rest of us Nigerians are serious mugu's?