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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Recently slim top musician/actress Jennifer Hudson had a trip to the hospital during the week, just moment before she was to appear on a show she took ill after experiencing what has been tagged ''abdominal pain''.



The award winning actress/singer (she's won an Oscar & a Grammy award) for her extraordinary talent, had been lined up for 2 very big morning shows, first was the Good Morning America show, which she did successfully well, and then she dashed across to Manhattan for the 2nd show-the Early Show Outdoor Concert Series where she took ill and had to be treated. Many had been suprised by her recent weight transformation, but she seemed to have been able to carry it well, one is hoping its not the reason for the abdominal pain, knowing fully well the in thing now is what they call the gastric band, which helps in weight loss.

1 comment:

j said...

wow thanks for putting before and after pics together
I used to say she looked better fat but I withdraw my statement and thinking lol